To all of our friends and supporters of African Educate,

   Phase 1 of the African Educate and Keene State College Architecture Department partnership  headed by Architecture professors  Peter Temple and Donna Paleyhas been completed.  The mission of phase 1 was  to investigate and design a primary school at sites in the village of Bucundura, Uganda.   See links below which show an example of student work.  

    These designs will now be used to secure additional funding to develop more detailed architectural plans, as well as the eventual building of the school.     African Educate currently provides tuition and assistance to over 100 poor and/or orphaned students who could not normally attend school.  It is the goal of the project to provide a space that not only better supports the education of the students but also provides an area for adult education, community events, and health clinics.

    We are excited about the future of this project and hope that you will join us in supporting us as we work with our partners in Bucundura to help build this school.

   The link below is an example of the work of the students.  I would suggest you start by clicking on the final board, and then continue to the folders under the 11x17 drawings.   The PowerPoint under Research and Data collection is particularly interesting. 

Click here to see student work

Models of Site

This link includes other photos of the visit by KSC, not as organized as the above link, but  allows viewing in one directory.

Click here to see drawings and site plans