FreSH Water WEll Hand dug on School Lot, July 2019

Crystal clear water is currently flowing out of the well built on the school lot. The well currently supporting a manual pump, was dug to 125 feet, lined with fired brick, and capped with a concrete platform. A solar powered electrical pump will be added later.

Visit to Bucundura FEbruary- March 2019

Dr. Michael Hanrahan, Professor Emeritus at Keene State College, and Father Robert  travelled to Bucundura February 26th through March 8 visiting the Bucundura AE team, the children, and discussing the future school plans with the builder and architect.

Visit to Bucundura December 2017

 Linda and Dr. Peter Griesbach accompanied Father Robert  to Bucundura December 4 through the 15th, Dr. Griesbach provided some much needed dental care while he was there.

KSC Honors Students Visit Bucundura May 2017

In the Spring of 2017, Professor Peter Temple and Dr. Ashley Greene, Assistant Professor of Genocide and Holocaust Studies, taught the Keene State College Honors Global Engagement class about Uganda. On May 18th Peter, adjunct professor, Nell Preedy,  and eight honors students, as part of a cross cultural trip, traveled to Bucundura. They spent the day talking with the students in the program and visiting with their families.

They also had some fun with the kids: teaching them to make paper airplanes, teaching them songs; even rope walking! The whole group visited the plot for the school. They also visited the other plot we hope to acquire for the same purpose. A designated donation was used to purchase a luncheon which was cooked by parents and enjoyed by the KSC team, the children, families and friends. One of the students was so moved by the experience that he would like to return to spend a year there.   

aNNUAL fALL bENEFIT dINNER October 2016:

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Keene State College Students and Faculty VIsit BucunDURA January 2016:

Professors Peter Temple and Dr. Donna Paley and two of their students visited in January 2016 to assess the plot AE purchased to build the first part of the Primary school.

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Fall Benefit Dinner- 10/1/2015

AfriCan Educate held a benefit dinner at the Knights of Columbus hall in Keene, NH. We are grateful to the 60 supporters who were able to attend. Many people were generous in donating to our ministry and all enjoyed a delicious dinner provided without cost by The Pub Restaurant in Keene and it’s head chef, Angel Cruz. 

Fr. Robert Tumwekwase talked about the needs of the children in Bucundura, Uganda and his own experience growing up there.  Many of the children are unable to attend school because of basic expenses which their families are unable afford. Through AfriCan Educate and the generosity of its’ donors, the needy children and orphans are supplied with uniforms, school supplies and soap etc. Tuition required by the government is also supplied for those who need it. We were inspired by Fr. Robert’s words. 

Mike Hanrahan, the emcee for the evening, shared about our future goal of building a nursery and early primary grade school for children in the community. AfriCan Educate was able to purchase land in Bucundura with funding by the CMH Foundation. Peter Temple, a professor in the School of Architecture at Keene State College, shared his excitement about working with another professor and two students in a class he teaches to help design the school. They will be traveling to Uganda in January of 2016 to assess the land’s topography and then the students will work on plans for the school during the spring semester. It was emphasized that the funds raised at the dinner will be used for the education of the children alone. The construction of the school will not begin until separate funds have been raised. 

I am happy to report that the funds raised by the dinner were over $9,000 including pledges for monthly donations by several generous donors. This increases the stability of AE and the continued education of these children. 

We are so grateful for those who support our mission financially as well as with prayer and also for past donations and monthly donors. We are also grateful to Mike Rennie, our chairperson until recently, and his continued work on the website.  

The board of AfriCan Educate looks forward to continuing to partner with all of you in the years ahead to give these children a brighter future. 

Sincerely yours, 

Linda Griesbach

AfriCan Educate

Sara Groves -  Benefit Concert for AfriCan Educate - 9/13/2014

AfriCan Educate was blessed that about 260 people came to hear Sara's melodious songs as well as to have raised over $3500 for the children!
Thank you to all who came and especially for their generosity in giving to the children.