The kids need your help! Their needs are very basic and, correspondingly, so are the ways in which you can contribute and the needs to which your donations will be applied.

AfriCAN Educate is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization registered in the State of New Hampshire.




The actual cost of education for 1 year of education per child is as follows:

·         Primary Level:  Grades 2-7 (There are presently 95 students enrolled at this level.)
Cost per year: 

·         Secondary Level:  High School Equivalent (There are presently 80 students enrolled at this level.)
Cost per year:

·         College/Tertiary:  (There are presently 7 students enrolled at this level.)
Cost per year:

?:  Does that include cost of uniforms, paper, pens & pencils, etc.

A note about the student’s uniforms:  The uniforms worn by the students that AfriCAN Educate sponsors are Ugandan made by tailors who have themselves been given the benefit of an education under the auspices of AfriCAN Educate. 

Additionally, donations are directed as needed to the following necessities:

·         Basic medical intervention for the students and their immediate families

·         Food for children whose “bread-winning” parent is terminally ill

or who are otherwise not getting properly nourished .  It’s hard to learn on an empty stomach!

·         Mosquito nets for Malaria prevention

·         Kerosene to enable night study where there is no electricity

We ask that you consider assisting us in our efforts to educate and give hope for the future to these “Children in Need”.  If you would like to “Sponsor a Child”, that is possible.  You would then be able to make a personal connection with the child in whose life you are making the difference!  Think about sponsoring that child for 1 year of schooling.  If circumstances allow, it may be that you and that child will be able to follow his or her educational path together for the duration. 

Know that your help will make all the difference in the present and future lives of these kids!